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Need high-precision probing for your electronic circuit?

We’ve just completed the design of a new kit to do just that



It can handle the tiniest IC’s on the market, thanks to the extremely sharp needles.

This 10-piece system is is sold as a KIT TO BUILD YOURSELF for $60CAD+shipping.
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* We also offer a direct transaction via Paypal and save $5 CAD.  Contact us at for enquiries.


Two different types of holders are provided, to be used in combination to maintain the PCB pinned down and steady.  The pawn-style holder has a fine thread screw that allows the knob to be adjusted to the desired height.  It can pinch the PCB or wedge it as desired.

  • Three convenient thumb screws for easy and quick manipulation
  • The boom has two axis of micrometric adjustments: up-down and left-right
  • The boom also has a vertical swivel from its base for “coarse” adjustment
  • Two different lengths of booms.  Kit includes two of each
  • Super low profile PCB holder at 5mm from base plate, for maximum ergonomy when using a soldering iron or other tools
  • Tin coated copper wire 18 gauge allows a stable yet flexible positioning
  • Copper wire allows bending and tilting of probes sideways to reach extremely tights spots, even on two adjacent 0.5mm IC pins
  • Copper wire can easily be swapped for different lengths, with only two solders
  • Can also be used to inject low power signals
  • Magnetic base on all parts and anti-slip rubber for perfect stability
  • Can hold virtually any size PCB
  • Compatible with classic rotating PCB vises
  • Easy to sharpen the needle’s point with a fine sandpaper
  • Designed for super fast setup time
  • Each component is 3D printed from resilient PETG plastic
Kit contains:
  • Four 2-axis micrometric booms, 2 long and 2 short
  • Four pawn-style PCB holders
  • Two corner-style PCB holders
  • Screws, washers and nylons thumb screws
  • Magnets
  • Needles
  • 18 and 22 gauge wires
  • Rubber pads
  • Parts are pre-threaded
  • Some soldering is required
  • A small Philips screwdriver is required to assemble
  • Steel plates shown in photos are NOT included
  • Any thin steel plate can be used, like an old PC cover (1mm is ok)
  • An insulator is recommended to cover the steel plate.  A thin self-adhesive vinyl gives best results
  • This is not for high speed signals above a few MHz.  It has no coax or impedance control

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