Custom Laser Projectors and Animations

Design services:

  • Low power to multi-watt RGB system design
  • ILDA compliant interface:  FrameStreamer Express – USB DAC
  • Customer-specific features for laser show application
  • AC or battery operated systems
  • Modifications or improvements on existing systems
  • Diagnostic and repair of defective systems

Live show performances:

  • Multi-color RGB, 550mW, ILDA compliant system
  • 40KPPS high-speed galvanometers for quality graphics
  • Full color 3D animations, text and logos
  • In-house created laser show application
  • Ideal for raves, parties, weddings, or any indoor and outdoor events
  • Impressive atmospheric effects (tunnels, floating planes, liquid skies) when used with fog or haze (included)
  • Great complement to a corporate presentation
  • Unequalled eye-catcher for kiosks and trade shows