Software development

  • Our specialty:  Highly secure industrial cloud database applications
  • Listen, analyse and acquire in-depth understanding of our client’s needs
  • Design and submit multiple solutions to address the challenges, taking in account the costs, deliverables, technology, efficiency, usability, maintainabilty, scalability, and long-term support
  • Languages:  Javascript, CSS, HTML5, C/C++, C#, Python, VB, Pascal, Assembly Language
  • Graphical user interfaces:  Intuitive, efficient and elegant.  Bilingual, high quality French and English
  • Firmware platforms: MSP430, Atmega/Xmega, ARM, Intel 8051, Nordic nRF52 series, Raspberri Pi, BeagleBone
  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOs, Linux and Android
  • Tools for database applications, design, conversion and reporting: Knack, SQL, MSAccess, ADO/DAO and Crystal Reports