Cortex R&D – Your growth partner

Cortex R&D stands out from other IT providers, thanks to its great ability to respond to unusual challenges, its comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, its agile development approach and its speed of project execution.


Proud to be a Quebec company, Cortex R&D is also a member in good standing of the Quebec Lobbyists Registry, for its expertise in IT.


Notre mission est d’accentuer le potentiel des organisations par l’harmonisation des processus, l’épurement des outils de communication et l’amélioration continue des interactions au sein de l’entreprise ainsi qu’avec ses partenaires. Nous nous engageons à sécuriser et à augmenter la performance économique de nos clients, en incarnant nos principes à chaque étape de nos projets.

« Chez Cortex R&D, notre mission n’est pas seulement un énoncé; c’est la boussole qui oriente nos actions et nos décisions. C’est avec une grande fierté que je constate son influence positive et concrète dans l’accomplissement quotidien de nos engagements envers nos clients. » – Normand Defayette, CEO.




Normand Defayette

CEO, Cortex R&D

Normand Defayette is the founder of Cortex R&D. He has more than 30 years of experience in IT systems development and software design, including 5 years in an industrial environment.

His expertise as a facilitator is one of his most valued strengths. He has the ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal, convincing them to put in the necessary effort, even if it involves changing their routines, and ultimately reap the rewards.

Normand listens to his clients, he quickly understands their needs and challenges, allowing a remarkable efficiency in the development of projects. He also attaches great importance to rigor and precision. The quality of his work and the achievements he has made are proof of this.

It is with a proactive vision that Normand created the KTL library (Knack Toolkit Library), an extension module (plugin) that enriches the functionalities of Knack. This very valuable tool for Cortex R&D is a real project accelerator that allows the customer to do part of the work themselves if they want to, without requiring any notion of programming.

Learn more by visiting the KTL page.  Normand uses his YouTube channel to offer tutorials and promote this technology, making it even more accessible and user-friendly.

Charles Brunelle

Collaborator, systems architecture and software design

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from ÉTS

With extensive experience in robotics and aeronautics, he has led Lean teams to success by encouraging the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. His strategic leadership is supported by software quality assurance expertise, having developed tools and processes to ensure the reliability of software solutions.

Charles strives to simplify technical terminology to improve processes and results, saving time and resources for clients. He aims to build a culture of learning and collaboration, ensuring everyone’s contribution to common success.

As a senior architect and software developer, he offers a wealth of experience in creating innovative and scalable solutions, mastering front-end and back-end technologies. Passionate about digital innovation, he is involved in all aspects of software development, fostering team spirit and collaboration to address complex challenges.

Sean Beitz

Collaborator, Electronic Design

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from ÉTS.

As a firmware and electronics consultant, Sean’s work has thrilled the industry with its innovation and precision. With a solid background at ÉTS and a rich professional background, Sean has established himself as a leader in the field.

His experience in on-board programming has led him to work on flight simulators, bicycle GPS, flight control computers and various other products in the consumer, medical and aerospace sectors. 

In addition to his technical activities, Sean is also a dedicated mentor, inspiring youth and adults as they evolve in the professional field of microprogram development.

Cortex R&D offers a wide range of high-end and personalized services, making us the ideal partner to help you meet your challenges and exceed your IT expectations.