Optimize your digital transformation with our high-end IT services

At Cortex R&D, we offer IT services tailored to your needs and budget. You will benefit from our great expertise and efficiency.


With our many years of experience, we have developed an efficient and cost-effective project management method for our clients. Using the AWS Cloud Platform, we provide you with a scalable, high-performance system.

Our Services

Personalized IT Consultation

  • Briefing meeting with you, by videoconference, or at your location
  • Getting to know your systems
  • Identifying optimization opportunities
  • Assessment of potential solutions
  • Reporting and Submission

Application development with turnkey solutions, including hosting

Knack Toolkit Library (KTL) support

Cross-technology integration into an existing system, including design, implementation, testing and documentation

Ultra-robust «proprietary» solutions operating on Linux for

  • Data entry terminals, with barcode reader and touch screen
  • Dashboards supporting up to two HD or 4K displays, high information density

Geolocation indoor, outdoor and on the road

Google Maps, ArcGIS, AWS and other integration

Barcode technologies, active and passive RFID, GPS

Interfacing and communication between different database formats

PLC Interfacing and Communications

Cloud-Machine interface (e.g. Knack-PLC)

Supplementary services provided in collaboration with partners holding a baccalaureate from ÉTS

  • Software Engineering: Web, Cloud and Firmware Application Design
  • Electrical Engineering: Electronic, Schematic and PCB Design
  • Mechanical Engineering: Design of enclosures, supports, buttons, display, coupling, ergonomics, styling, etc.
  • Prototyping inventions and proof of concept
  • For each of the aforementioned areas of expertise, we offer architecture, implementation, integration, testing, support, documentation and long-term technological evolution services

Some of our services are eligible for R&D credits from different government bodies. We can help you check what you might include in a credit application.

By using Cortex R&D’s IT services, you are guaranteed to get tangible benefits and an excellent return on your investment.