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A successful transition at Morbern

In 2019, Éric Lamontagne, president of Morbern, Ontario, initiated a major technological shift by deciding to migrate the company’s operations from paper form to cloud computing, in order to increase productivity while reducing the risk of errors and loss of time.

The transformation mission was entrusted to Cortex R&D, with whom he evaluated several technological solutions, ultimately choosing the Knack platform for its flexibility, reliability and ease of use without requiring programming skills.

Quickly, the benefits became obvious, promising a significant return on investment.  But beyond the financial gains, the project also revolutionized the monitoring of industrial production steps at Morbern, from the arrival of raw materials to final inspection, ensuring flawless traceability and increased product quality.

Despite the challenges related to culture change among operators with an average of 30 years of seniority and accustomed to traditional methods, the empathetic approach, patient and attentive adopted by Normand allowed a smooth transition to new and more effective practices.

Five years later, Eric and his team could not imagine going back, as the benefits are obvious, with annual gains of millions of dollars, both in terms of raw material savings and productivity gains. Today, the fully converted staff actively contributes to the continuous improvement of the system, highlighting the positive impact of this transformation on the entire company.

This process not only improved the operational efficiency of the company, but also resulted in the creation of the Knack Toolkit Library (KTL) plugin, a Javascript library now available in open source on GitHub, offering the developer community additional tools to optimize their use of Knack.


Erik Lewis, SR Director – VDC, Pipe and Plumbing

Ladies and gentlemen, Normand’s KTL utility is a fantastic addition to your Knack applications. Recently, I added and configured KTL in an application used by our company to manage project information.

KTL solved many of the challenges I faced with Knack.

  • Hide columns (not just empty columns as in Knack)
  • Forms persistence
  • Filter binding
  • Registered user filters and published public filters
  • Bulk Edit and Bulk Delete

The list is long.

Normand responds quickly to bug reports and technical requests and, being an open source solution, he is available to perform a thorough review with those who understand JS. The keyword function is really in the spirit of the No/Low Code mission of tools like Knack.  I think something that would be extremely useful for Normand is to have more users/adopters.  The best ideas from a developer come from the users.  With the increase in the user base, I think this utility will really take off.  And it’s powerful and intuitive enough…

- Erik -

Brian Kimbrough – Pace MSC


Je t’écris cette lettre pour exprimer ma profonde gratitude pour les contributions exceptionnelles que tu as apportées à notre projet de développement. Ton attention et la richesse de connaissances pratiques et de savoir-faire que tu apportes ont été des atouts inestimables pour ce projet.

Ta capacité à comprendre les problèmes complexes et à proposer des solutions pratiques est très impressionnante. Ton dévouement et ton engagement envers l’excellence n’ont pas seulement accéléré notre projet, mais ont également grandement amélioré la qualité de notre livrable.

L’enthousiasme et l’expertise que tu montres ont influencé positivement le projet, favorisant un environnement de travail plus collaboratif et productif. C’est un plaisir de travailler aux côtés de quelqu’un qui excelle non seulement dans son rôle, mais qui se soucie également sincèrement du succès du projet.

Merci encore une fois pour tes contributions remarquables. Nous sommes vraiment chanceux de t’avoir dans notre équipe.

Avec sincère reconnaissance,

- Brian Kimbrough -

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