This is the portfolio of our projects


RGB Laser Projector – version 1

ILDA compliant 500mW RGB laser projector with 20KPPS scan rate, 7 colors


RGB Laser Projector – version 2

ILDA compliant 600mW RGB laser projector with 30KPPS scan rate and 24-bit analog color modulation for 16.7 million colors


RGB Laser Projector – version 3

ILDA compliant 800mW RGB laser projector with 40KPPS scan rate and 24-bit analog color modulation for 16.7 million colors


Granted US Patent Number 9183818

Live performance laser show for keyboard players.  Created all software, firmware, electronics and enclosure.  If you would like to see the confidential video demo in action, please email us at [email protected]


Handheld Laser Projector Prototypes

Two units created.  Extracted the optical engine from a Samsung SP-H03 and Optoma PK-202 Pico Projectors, and reversed engineered them to replace all LEDs by lasers for high power output.  Created an optical coherence despeckler by using a guitar string and a magnet+coil vibrating diffuser


Ultra-Compact 600mW RGB Laser

How much punch can we fit in such a small device?!  It could blow up balloons from 10s of feet away instantaeously


Single Lasers and Power Modulators

Can provide up to 1.5 Amp to a laser diode, and reach 60KHz analog modulation speed


600mW Dual Violet Laser

Using a polarized beam combiner to double a laser module’s output power.  Developed a custom ultra-simple magnetic precision mechanism for alignment


GoPro Battery Extender

Enjoy 5+ hours of non-stop recording for only $8 CAD instead of 1.5h for the $30 stock GoPro battery.  Thanks to the powerful 18650 rechargeable lithium ion cells


Magnetic e-Probing System

For quick setup of an electronic probing system, with dual-axis micro-positionning thumb screws


Universal Motor Drive Experimental PCB

This board allows experimenting with several motor driver topologies: half-bridge, full-bridge, 2 to 4 phases, stepper motors, DC, brushless, reversible, PWM, etc.  Can also be used to implement uC-based switching power supplies.


Camcorder Battery Extender

No more missed videos with this twin cell modification of the stock Sony battery.  Can reach over 6h of non-stop recording, even while using the LCD screen


Helmet Communicators Battery Extender

Uses the lithium ion 14500 cell and a voltage booster to power the Sena communicator device through micro USB connector.  Can get an extra 8h of talk time


FrameStreamer Express

Our USB to ILDA converter for laser graphics projection.  Connects to a RGB projector and can do up to 60KPPS with 24-bit analog color


Lab-Grade Analog Bipolar Adjustable Power Supply

Specifically designed for laser diode evaluation and development.  Ultra-stable output and the precision voltage adjustment can go down to a true zero, unlike most other supplies.


Laser Projector Galvanometers Kit

DIY laser projector kit for hobbyists.  Allows learning the basics of PID closed-loop position control.  Can do 16KPPS scan rate


Mobile Radio Communications and 911 for Washingthon DC

Contributed to the creation of the largest a fastest 911 system in the world:  Washington DC.  Also coded the firmware on several Motorola products in their mobile communication equipment line


RFID PoE Dual Antennas for Ottawa Paramedics

Custom designed a twin RFID antenna for real-time location of Ottawa Paramedics’ assets both in the building and on the road


RFID PoE Single Antenna

A single version of the above antenna


RFID Proximity Asset Locator

For manual tracking of assets in a large manufacture.  Runs on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and uses WiFi to connect to the database.  Written in C and Python under Linux Raspbian


Mass Spectrometer Sniffer Prototype

Scientific project for a new type of luggage sniffer, to find illegal or dangerous substances


RGB Triple Laser Diode Modulators

Integrated triple version of the above for compact systems


Silos Auckland Christmas Tree Laser Advertisement

Sponsors from Aukland, New Zealand could illuminate the famous the silos (Silo Park) with greeting messages using high-power system we’ve designed for Virtualight


Polysix Vintage Analog Synthesizer Restoration

Salvaged a dead Polysix from the garbage and brought it back to life.  Lots of analog and digital circuitry had to be debugged and repaired


AX60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer Restoration

Another beautiful piece of vintage technology that we’ve restored to a “better than new” state.  Fixed overheating negative power supply by adding external custom circuitry.


Microscope to Camera Adapter

3D printed utility device to hook up a Sony RX100 MkII camera on a microscope


iPhone Swivel Stand

Custom designed two-axis swivel stand for iPhone 4


JTAG Pogo Pins Prog Pad

Utility device that uses spring loaded pogo pins to allow uploading new code to a device that doesn’t have JTAG pins due to lack of space.  Note the matching pattern below the PCB


Vintage Tube Amp Repair

Fixed and re-biased an old tube amb.  Learned to respect those 450 volts everywhere inside


ILDA 8 bit DAC for Laser Projectors

Basic low cost LPT port digital DAC for laser hobbyists


HD Video Projector Stand

When you need a specific angle for your floor HD projector.  Enjoy IMAX at home!


Kunai Blue LEDs

Toy created to teach a young fellow who loves those Ninja weapons about 3D design and printing


Bird Feeder

With a 45g calibrated weight that discriminates blackbirds, squirrels and other species that empty the container in a few hours.