Electronic circuit design and manufacturing

  • Analog, digital and mixed signals circuit design
  • Microcontrollers, audio, power devices, closed-loop control systems (ex: motors, temperature, motion and positioning), analog<=>digital conversions and data acquisition, user interface (ex: keypads and displays), RF, communications, computer interfacing, and more
  • In-depth analysis of requirements, in order to minimize all compromises between performance, usability, costs, manufacturability and  maintainability
  • Prototyping, testing and validation of proofs of concept
  • Measurements and assessments of performance criteria
  • Design and creation of multi-layers, high density printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • PCB integration to its enclosure and all mechanical elements, such as user interfaces and connectors
  • Custom improvement or modification of existing circuits
  • Provide parts sourcing, availability, pricing, bill of materials and all information required to perform from small scale up to assembly-line mass production